The Bite of Agile Dogma

January 22, 2010

An often heard complaint about heavily plan-driven development approaches is that they are too heavy, too rigid. This criticism is not unjustified. However, we need to be careful. There is a non-trivial number of “agilists” who are sounding like the waterfall autocrats of the past. You hear them passing judgment that you are not “really” doing agile because you are not adhering to the letter of the agile law as prescribed in some revered agile tome. You’re not doing continuous integration? All you people are not certified? You’re creating some documentation? Well then you’re not agile.

This is unfortunate as these folks are missing one of the greatest value of agile (or other lightweight) techniques – – they can be easily blended together, even with more traditional approaches, to give you an effective, customized process that will work well in your particular development culture. Your approach, however agile it is, must work in your specific environment and support the way your teams work.

Chuck Cobb writes a good article on this topic. Take a look.

–Bob Maksimchuk ( http://www.projectpragmatics.com)


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