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Let the Games Begin!

June 30, 2010

I have always enjoyed games and the study of game theory.  I particularly like those games with a rich “strategy and tactics” component, whatever the genre.  Games allow you to learn so much and sometimes you can even learn about yourself and those with whom you play.  And you can do this in a safe (non-real world) environment.  This is so valuable that I always strive to include a gaming component when training / coaching people. Think about it.  Which would you prefer – spending an hour playing Planning Poker or sitting through and additional hour of slideware?

Recently in her newsletter, Donna Reed posted an interesting game to help folks learn about Kanban. Take a look and enjoy.

And for those who feel software development is a serious business where their is no place for “games”, consider the following. Games have: goals, players (or teams), rules, strategy, tactics, obstacles, random events, unknowns, and so forth. Remind you of your last project? Let the games begin!


The UML Survey Results Are In

June 15, 2010

In April, I invited one and all to participate in a simple survey to see how they are actually using the UML on projects. Is it really mainstreamed? Is it still in the adoption phase? Or is it in decline? The survey is now closed. Thanks to those who participated. Here are the results. Read more…


Come One, Come All!

June 1, 2010

If you’d like to enjoy some fun in the sun AND learn about pragmatic modeling techniques (those two things always go together, right?), then you are in luck. For the 11th year in a row, I have the privilege to be speaking at the IBM Rational Innovate 2010 conference (previously know as the Rational Software Development Conference and the Rational Users Conference).
On Wed. June 9th, 2010 I’ll be presenting “Practical Visual Modeling – Lessons From the Trenches”. Beginning and experienced modelers often wonder why modeling isn’t working well for them. This is because there are many snares and traps to fall into. This presentation, based on lessons learned from real-world projects, approaches visual modeling pragmatically. Visual modeling essentials are discussed augmented with practical, experiential advice, best practices, and heuristics for modelers. Common project failure points, SOA, agility, how to avoid typical modeling pitfalls, and simple risk-based planning techniques are just some of the topics covered.
We will discuss:
• Where the most costly and common project mistakes are made
• What parts of the UML to use and which to ignore
• Business modeling and system modeling via use cases and how to use them
• Avoiding common modeling pitfalls during analysis and design
• Project planning, prioritization, and risk
• Career shortening red flags that indicate when you should get out of Dodge.
• Numerous practical modeling techniques and practices.
So if you are going to be in the Orlando area for the conference, please drop into my session, say hello, sit back, and have some fun!