Let the Games Begin!

June 30, 2010

I have always enjoyed games and the study of game theory.  I particularly like those games with a rich “strategy and tactics” component, whatever the genre.  Games allow you to learn so much and sometimes you can even learn about yourself and those with whom you play.  And you can do this in a safe (non-real world) environment.  This is so valuable that I always strive to include a gaming component when training / coaching people. Think about it.  Which would you prefer – spending an hour playing Planning Poker or sitting through and additional hour of slideware?

Recently in her newsletter, Donna Reed posted an interesting game to help folks learn about Kanban. Take a look and enjoy.

And for those who feel software development is a serious business where their is no place for “games”, consider the following. Games have: goals, players (or teams), rules, strategy, tactics, obstacles, random events, unknowns, and so forth. Remind you of your last project? Let the games begin!


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