An Agile Landmine

September 14, 2010

I was innocently browsing some online agile material when I stumbled upon a landmine. I came upon a blog article that was shocking. The article recounted the concerns that the blogger had heard from developers regarding the impact that agile dogma has had on their lives. This article from Daniel Markham – Agile Ruined My Life – is edgy, hard-hitting, and touched off quite a firestorm of responses. So grab a fresh cup of java, kick back, and enjoy this wide open discussion. Agile zealots beware. Pragmatists enjoy.


  1. I’m one who enjoyed this. Like with so many things related to how we work, let’s try to evolve and not cause a revolution…

  2. Bob – excellent post ! If we can all help to head off the revolution or civil war that is brewing, we should.

    I want to yell from the roof tops: “Can’t we all just get along?”.

    …and work together toward a common goal of helping projects have better predictability and focus on delivering value to the customer? If Joey does it using Scrum and RUP; Rachel does it using Kanban and ITIL; and Ross does it with Waterfall….then why can’t we all say: “Way to go !”

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