About Bob Maksimchuk

Bob Maksimchuk is the owner and Principal Consultant of Project Pragmatics, LLC.  He focuses on bringing software development best practices and leadership development to companies, large and small, in many industries.

Bob does this by bringing practical, pragmatic techniques to achieving his clients’ goals.  Instead of a “rip and replace” mentality, Bob delivers solutions that are tailored for each client’s unique development environment and then fine-tuned to how their teams actually work.  This approach eases adoption of new practices and helps clients reap the benefits more quickly.

Bob is an accomplished IT practitioner and certified leadership coach who thrives on implementing creative solutions to solve complex business / system development problems.  Such creativity is often sparked from different and sometimes orthogonal perspectives to the problem at hand.  As Albert Einstein said “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”  Bob’s broad experience across many industries coupled with deep development expertise enables him to adapt techniques and solutions from various fields to help simplify and resolve problems in systems and software development.

Innovative Problem Solver

Full Software Development Lifecycle / Product Development Practitioner

Software Systems Modeling and Analysis Expertise

Excellent Communicator

Practical, Pragmatic, and People-Centric.

To find out more go to Bob’s website.

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