About Bob Maksimchuk

Bob is a successful consultant and certified coach who thrives on finding creative solutions to complex business and systems problems.

What makes Bob’s services unique?

He is an innovative problem solver: “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

Such creativity is often sparked from different and sometimes orthogonal perspectives to the problem at hand. Bob brings to bear the lessons learned as an engineer solving difficult problems in high-tech industries. Unlike most consultants, Bob is a lifelong, multi-disciplined learner of the latest findings in diverse areas such as organizational change management, psychology, brain neuroscience, adult learning, team building, quantum physics, communications and leadership. All this combined with his broad consulting experience across many industries, working with small companies to the Fortune 10, enables Bob to create, adapt and apply concepts and solutions from various fields to clarify and resolve client’s problems.

He is an accomplished communicator – Even the best ideas can’t be used effectively if they can’t be communicated effectively.

As a Certified Leadership Coach, Speaker, and a Dale Carnegie graduate and four-time award winner, Bob understands the importance of effective communication, particularly in complex and often abstract business challenges. He has traveled worldwide as a spokesperson and featured speaker for numerous corporations at many events and also as a workshop and seminar leader.

He is Practical, Pragmatic, and People-Centric : “Theory is good … but only in theory.” – Bob Maksimchuk

Any solutions to your business challenges must be made practical; they must be made pragmatic (not just theoretical), and they must be made people-centric, tailored to your specific team’s way of working. These are the three key principles that are woven into the work Bob does with his clients.

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